On the mark with Marc 3

Your attitude speaks volumes before you utter a word.  Like your shadow, you are often unaware of it. Your attitude permeates everything about you: the way you think, the way you behave, the tone of your voice. Our attitudes are not just one element of succeeding in this business they are, in fact, the foundation of success in any business and in life.

We asked for some insight on attitude and it’s relationship to success from one of the nicest and most successful VO guys in Hollywood, the myth, the man, the legendary Marc Graue.  And here’s what he had to say:

“Attitude is really important in this business!! Make sure you always show up at least 10-15 minutes early, are prepared and “ready to go”!

When you walk into a session whether it’s an audition, callback or booking you need to “own the room”. You are there for a specific reason so don’t be embarrassed, overwhelmed, or a litany of other pressures you can put on your self. Time is what it’s all about so don’t waste it! Exchange pleasantries and get in the booth…and “knock em dead”.

Here’s a trick that works wonders….if you want to give the Casting Director your demo….DONT!! Here’s what happens….”Can I give you a copy of my demo…I just finished it…I’ve been studying with….do you need a head shot?”… You leave the room and your demo goes right in the trash can!! INSTEAD, thank everyone, go sit in the reception area, write a quick thank you note, include your demo and hand it to the receptionist. Ask him/her to make sure the Casting person gets it and at the end of the day…the Casting Director is handed a wonderful thank you note with your demo AND…..you’ve now got them all alone in their car to listen to your demo!!! Believe it or not….IT WORKS WONDERS!!!

Always keep a positive attitude….we had a session once with a very prominent female VO talent as part of an ensemble cast..she was 35 minutes late..came storming into the session complaining about the traffic, the headphones, the mic, the mic stand, the stool, the water……..as soon as she left the first thing out of the clients mouth was…”I’d never hire that bitch again in a million years”!!! Not a really smart career move!!”

So, are you bitchin’ or are you bitching? There’s a big difference, and unless you’re William Shatner we suggest you check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Speaking of bitchin’ Marc is one the most sought after VO demo producers in the business, and after listening to Voxy Lady,  Jen Davis’ demo we think you’ll know why!

Lots of love & remember….