Lisa Says Relax 5

A few weeks ago I received an email from fellow Voxy Lady, Bobbin Beam that had evidently come from her Smart Phone because underneath her signature I read, “Sent from my Smart Leash”. If you’re a voice actor, or an entrepreneur of any kind you understand the (oftentimes) unhealthy dependency we have with our Smart “leashes”. Most days we can’t afford the luxury of being off the grid, in fact we’re pretty much on call 24/7.

Banjo2Before I adopted my dog, Banjo, I would wake up every morning and immediately reach for my iPhone to check my email. Before the coffee had brewed I was already responding to messages from clients, putting out fires and scheduling ISDN sessions. My morning routine changed when I brought Banjo home. Not only was I waking up at least 45min earlier, but the first item on my daily schedule is to take him outside to go “potty”. Our adventure moves from the back yard to the golf course we continue our morning routine by taking a 20 min stroll to burn off some puppy energy and sniff every tee-box we meet on our way. I decided I kinda liked this mini reprieve and so I took things a step further. When we returned from our walk I brewed my pot of joe and sat down to sip coffee and snuggle with my four legged “baby”. On a good morning, I will sometimes let a whole hour slip by before I dive head first into my work day

I tell you all this because I felt a significant shift in my quality and enjoyment of life when I made a few small changes in regards to my daily routine. Working (mostly) from home as a voice over artist isn’t as glamorous as some people may think. And I’m not referring to the part where we get paid to talk to ourselves from our “padded room”. Sometimes it seems as if you’re not running your business, but rather your business is running you. This can take a tole of your quality of life and cause tension in your relationships, especially those with your family and loved ones.

Recently I read a blog post via Donald Miller’s blog by Shauna Niequist titled, Why You Should Waste Some Time Today. In her post she sheds light on the responsibility we have to ourselves to occasionally come up for air and “Strategically avoid strategy, for five minutes at a time. Intentionally not be intentional about every second. Have no purpose—on purpose” Although this concept may seem counterintuitive & counterproductive,  I’m willing to give her theory a go because I don’t want to look back one day and realize how much I’ve missed out on because of my workaholic tendencies.

My hope is that today you might take a minute or two and enjoy being outside, engage with beauty, maybe take a walk or even schedule a weekend away and plan to leave your laptop at home. GASP!! At the very least take a proper lunch break and give yourself permission to spend 30 min away from the daily grind of running your business because life is too short and far too precious for a leash.

Also, here’s a link to a yoga blog (post) if like me, you have difficulty (physically and mentally) relaxing and want to try a few yoga poses to get you “in the mood”. Evidently the relaxation pose, Savasana, is one of the more difficult postures. Yep, looks like we’re not alone : )

x to the o,

Workaholic & Chief Dreamer of Voxy Ladies