Reading is Sexy 1

Unknown-3One of today’s VOXmas gifts comes to us from none other than JOE CIPRIANO!! That’s right boys & girls, “Santa Joe” has given us a signed copy and audiobook copy of his new book, Living On AirOf his book, Joe says, “Through trial and error, successes and more error, I found my voice. Whatever your dream is, I hope my journey can help you find your voice too.”

JodiKrangleALSO under our tree, is an Upper Desk courtesy of Voxy Lady, Jodi Krangle! (Jody is the voice of their TV campaigns!) Jodi has leant her voice to narration for documentaries (HRTV’s Rachel’s Story, The Gentle Bearman of EMO, The Invisible Red Thread), explainer videos, apps and e-learning, radio and television commercials, and radio imaging, both speaking and singing. She has also narrated TV shows for the Slice Network in Canada, and HGTV!

Merry VOXmas!!