Here’s Your Sign 2

Yet another exciting day here at VOXmas headquarters!! Today we’re giving away A MUST for every voice actor, a Voice Over Recording Sign from Harlan Hogan & Voice Over Essentials!

katieseusspic-1024x892This VOXmas gift also, comes with a DVD copy of Animalia, featuring the voice of Voxy Lady, Katie Leigh! Katie is a veteran voice actor & likely “the voice of your childhood”. Characters she’s leant her voice to include Baby Rowlf in the Emmy Award-winning Muppet Babies cartoon series, Honker Muddlefoot in Darkwing Duck, Sheila in Dungeons and Dragons, Zoe in Animalia, Richie in Richie Rich, Sunni Gummi of Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Alex in Totally Spies, Han Solo for Lego Star Wars Padawan Menace, and Zuzu in the Extraordinary Adventures of Poppycat.

Katie is the only person who has given the otherwise silent Dumbo a voice in Disney’s Dumbo Circus. A little known secret is that Katie is the voice of the Maharaja in Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!