Flavor of the Week: Fran McCellan 0

This week’s Voxy “Flavor of the Week” is the lovely & talented, Fran McClellan!! We caught up with Fran to get the scoop to find out how she became so “Voxy”! Ps-Fran celebrated her birthday yesterday, be sure to wish her a happy b-day by “liking” her professional FB page here!

Here’s the skinny on Fran…….

Q: The $64,000 question, how did you get started in voiceover?
A: Around 2002 the company I worked for had a contest for someone to be the voice of company (telephone prompts, long distance error tags, etc). I submitted on whim because it sounded cool and I won :). At that point, I decided to research the industry, get some coaching, and have some demos made. Starting in late 2003 I did VO part time, in addition to my day job, for the next 9 years. In December of 2012 I was laid off from the day job (yay!) and started doing VO full time and I haven’t looked back since 😉

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a voice actor?
A: I love the variety of work and all of the possibilities and genres available. I love being able to work from home which gives me flexibility to spend more time with my family (although, at times, it can also be a challenge to know when it’s time to stop working for the day :)).

Q: What’s the coolest gig you’ve booked so far?
A: I had an awesome time working on a video game called The Red Solstice. I am the voice of T.A.R.A. and S.A.R.A., the AI systems featured in the game. My character was also featured in the trailer for the game – http://youtu.be/SU9TVA1AVso

Q: What’s your dream vo role?
A: Oooh…great question! I’d have to say my dream role would be either as the promo voice of a major network or a character in an animated series (or both…cause, why not ;D).

Q: What’s your studio set up like? Gear, etc…..
A: Studiobricks ONE booth, Sennheiser 416 mic, Focusrite 2i2 interface, Macbook Pro, Adobe Audition CS6. I also have Source-Connect, Source-Connect NOW, Soundstreak, and ipDTL.