A Moment in TIME 2

Early last month I received an email from TIME Magazine asking if I would be interested in being interviewed in an article about being a woman in the voiceover industry. Of course I told them I’d have to think about it……NOT!! If you had told 13 yr old me that one day I would grow up and make my living with my voice (the thing that I disliked most about myself) I would have said, “Huh? Voice acting?? Is that even a real job?” I can tell you firsthand, that whatever it is you want to do is completely achievable & the only person that can EVER stand in your way, is yourself. So get out there & make stuff happen so I can say, “I told you so!” You can read the full article in TIME here.

Dream Bigg,

Lisa Biggs
(Chief Dreamer of Voxy Ladies & Girl’s Guide to Voiceover)